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Prowl and Jazz custom dolls- final by AuroraBluewolf Prowl and Jazz custom dolls- final :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 1 1 Oh life... by AuroraBluewolf Oh life... :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 0 1 I'm so sorry by AuroraBluewolf I'm so sorry :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 0 2 Whew~ almost there! by AuroraBluewolf Whew~ almost there! :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 0 0 Jazz doll- Stage 1 by AuroraBluewolf Jazz doll- Stage 1 :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 0 1 Prowl dolls- Stage 1 by AuroraBluewolf Prowl dolls- Stage 1 :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 0 0 Life Sized G1 Ravage Plush by AuroraBluewolf Life Sized G1 Ravage Plush :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 49 34
Erase Me Chapter 3
Hey, tell me how this reads. I really appreciate every review, and this fic is going surprisingly well. I’m test driving a new style I want to play with, so tell me how it reads. You’ll see it. And don’t worry, Loki’s not crazy… yet. But he is talking to himself.
He’d escaped from Heimdall’s watch just a few hours ago, and he’d almost regretted it.
While he used to appreciate the idea of someone always watching over him, Loki now realized he was just being monitored like the rest of the universe. No special concern for the unwanted Frost Giant runt stolen to Asgard’s treasure hoard. Then again, maybe if they had, he would have received that Ancient tome of Calligraphy spells long before he had to ask for it. Not lik
:iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 3 0
Erase Me- Chapter 2
Thor hadn’t meant to upset his brother so much. Sure, he was fed up with the rumors that Loki was a recluse, even if it was true. But he didn’t mean it to sound so bad when he addressed Loki. This day had always been awful for Loki, even when they were young. He could recall being sent to his room after the festivities without as much as a word to his brother. It bothered him when he was younger because Loki always seemed to be alone. It wasn’t until much later did father explain that Loki’s presence wasn’t going to be welcomed by the warriors who accompanied him that day, and that it was best to allow the young man to stay in his chambers. Thor now realized it was because father and mother hadn’t told Loki about his finding, and were probably trying to keep him from the truth. Though it royally pissed him off, he didn’t confront them about their actions and Loki’s outburst when he arrived at the ceremony in his well shined armor and new
:iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 4 2
Erase Me
Heads up- wrote this at a random down moment. Thank you CAH. So this is a story about Loki having a very dark realization, and trying to erase himself. I’m warning you now, this has a very dark potential. But I don’t write tragedies. So enjoy, read carefully, and a review would be much appreciated.
Not mine, don’t own.
It was one thing to buy things. It was one thing to reward yourself. It was a completely different to have something given to you. Wealth and riches could buy you whatever useless thing you wanted, and thousands of them if you’d like. But to have someone love you enough to give you something, that made the object worthwhile. It could be a useless doll, damaged tea cup, beaten book, or golden chalice, but it meant the same. They took them time to give you something special, just for you. It’s not something you can part with, because it means parting with the love that person gave you. Their time, t
:iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 9 5
Experimentation in Recovery Chapter 2
A major thanks to everyone who reviewed. Some of you made me blush! And since I'm facing virtual imprisonment in my house for a few weeks, we'll probably see more updates in the near future.
Please review politely if you don't mind! They really make me happy~
I don't own Bleach, it is simply serving as a canvas for a greater purpose.
The Squad ten barracks were silent as the pair made their way towards Hitsugaya's personal quarters. Sojiro kept close to the silver haired taicho in these unfamiliar surroundings, knowing that he didn't want to cause any more trouble than he already had. As they reached a large wooden door, similar to the endless rows of others that lined the hallways, Sojiro felt another wave of uncertainty wash over him as Hitsugaya unlocked the private quarters. The silver haired taicho disappeared into the darkness of the room with a quiet motion to follow him. Sojiro obeyed silently, still maintaining the death grip on his tattered cloak and salvag
:iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 2 0
Experimentation in Recovery
So, unless you are a very privileged individual who can see into the future, this experiment is underway. As most of you know, I like to post experimental writings for feedback- and here’s the latest one. I should tell you, there are a few caveats with this experiment:
-Since I want to play with subtly, I’m not revealing what happened. Read on and you will understand, but fill in the blanks with your own subconscious ideas on the history. Also, I became very indecisive on what exactly I wanted to happen, but it boiled down to trauma.
-This can theoretically be read as yaoi, shonen ai, or just bromance. I ask nicely that should you comment, be respectful of your fellow readers and please don’t insult anyone. The only thing I wish to gain out of this writing (outside a bit of confidence in my writing abilities) is feedback on how this reads.
Setting: Winter War AU- Aizen not defeated, but retreated and regrouped. Vizards replaced respective captains/ additional lieutena
:iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 3 2
Gypsum Board is not cited for 150 pounds or more by AuroraBluewolf Gypsum Board is not cited for 150 pounds or more :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 2 0
Lost in the Frost- CH25
Testing- Testing
This is an experiment. Please review to tell us which portion is well written and which portion is not in a polite manner. (Seriously, I need the polite feedback, and constructive crit is very welcomed here if it’s politely done.)
Me no own. Sorry I haven’t been around, we’ve been busy with house repairs and all. Don’t get me wrong, we got a lot done, but it left very little time and energy to work on hobbies. Likewise, we shoved my two emails together, and now I’ve lost a lot of notifications. So Winners this time include everyone who reviewed or faved. Thank you for watching.
It was dark by the time they returned to Asgard. The slaughter of the last few soldiers in Jotenheim seemed to take far longer then they’d expected. Their armor still stunk of blood and excrement signature to the battlefield. It was enough to make Laufey’s nose clench in offense. He quickly dipped his sword into the deep waters of Asgard’s ocean ne
:iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 4 3
Barren Warren- Ch 11
I don’t own Rise of the Guardians or The Guardians of Childhood series. I make no money off of this series. It’s purely for entertainment. Please stay tuned!
The sound of crashing dishes and breaking glass were the first abuse to the young buck’s ears. He cringed as best he could against the larger, warm frame of the grey Pooka, more as a reflex than from the pulling muscles in his back. He nuzzled his pink nose against the fluff of the ancient rabbit, inhaling the musty scent of gardening and hard boiled eggs mixed with moist dirt and paint. He had grown to associate the scent with the heavy arms of the larger rabbit, as well as the warmth and protection that inhabited the space between their bodies. Bunny’s body could easily keep the two of them warm on the coldest night, which Jack swore he would make more frequent. The grey Pooka rubbed his ward’s floppy ears as he nuzzled the white rabbit’s fuzzy head.
:iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 64 46
Mature content
Lost in the Frost- CH24 :iconaurorabluewolf:AuroraBluewolf 7 2


sewing machine.

Yeah. After over 20 years of service, good old Singer busted for the last time tonight. Putting all of my sewing projects on hold. May it rest in wonderful peace.


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