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Yup. Say hi if you want to, I'm friendly. I also am kinda hard to miss- you know, with a giant Undertaker scythe!
Has anyone ever been kicked out of a convention (ex: Comicon, Animazement, Dairycon) because their prop was too big? I made a large scythe, and I'm kinda worried it's going to get flagged for size. I have no intention on hitting anyone with it, but you know, sometimes you just bump into people and don't -mean- to do it, but get in trouble anyways.

So, experiences? Issues? How big the piece was (in length, width and height- please)? I don't think I'll get kicked out, but I don't want to cause a problem. And this prop is the right size for this character. Damn you anime, stop making me make huge sized things. I'm running out of precious room.
Life Sized G1 Ravage Plush by AuroraBluewolf
Life Sized G1 Ravage Plush
Man, I've been waiting to do this for a while!

At 5 feet long and 4 feet propped up, this life sized Ravage plush is totally not for sale! He took me only 5 days to assemble, and then life threw a wrench at me (or Ratchet, sometimes it's hard to tell), and his skin had to wait for the finishing details.

Anyways, his core comes out, leaving his legs, head and tail detachable in case of spit ups, sweating, or (if you're me) occasional soda spills.  Made of plush fabric, he's a pillow! He doesn't really sit up, but he does slouch over. His joints are still anatomically as correct as I could get them (two things here: 1- He's kinda hard to decipher from box artwork, toys, comics, and animation, so I did the best I could; and 2-foam stuffing does not like to cooperate. It bends, flops, squishes and slumps. And as big as he is, this can be a huge problem. So, he's reinforced with a lot of upholstery foam- hence, why his legs are so square. That's kinda the only way to get them that geometric. But you have to know your way around a blade and how to use it when slicing a material that, frankly, hates to be cut. Don't try this so large if you want to make something like this. Start small- like with Laserbeak. Cheaper, thinner foam and not so bad on the price tag!)

I'll post more later, but Ravage's Decepticon symbols have not been sliced free, so they are kinda one big pointy symbol. I hesitate to operate on these, cuz they were not happy to go on. Blasted purple thread, breaking on me while I try to do some more intricate knots.

So, yellow eyes (because again, box artwork verse cartoon- yellow seemed more friendly), grey body, and light grey legs.

And now he's off on his big mission to scare my nosey neighbor. And she is NOSE-Y!!!

Total cost- estimated about $150 for materials alone . I used a lot of coupons for the 2" foam, and planned it out, but I salvaged some remnants from other projects as well for filler in the body cavity.

Don't bother flaming, I'm not one to react. But this Ravage is a one of a kind beauty, and (as of this post) is the only one of this size.
Just a journal change up.

You know what- here we go.
Random facts about me.

I generally don't care what other people do as long as it doesn't affect my taxes and time. The second you impact my life, god help you. No force on heaven or earth will save you from my annoying abilities. PREPARE FOR MARSHMALLOW LAUNCHING DRONES.

I find irresponsible people of all ages are annoying, and should be held accountable in accordance to reasonable expectations.

I still can't stand loud people.

Most sports bore me. To death.

I would like to program something someday. Something that walks.

I have actually cloned something before. Thank you contamination for taking away my specimens.

I love cartoons, but the bright colors of TFA are still way up there amongst my favorites.

I know more people in emotional therapy than not. And all of these people are totally normal to me. In turn, I question if I should be in therapy.

I've had writers block for too long. I could use a good boulder removal service.

I NEED trees and flowers in my life. Hence, why I don't get along with nature hating neighbors.

Quantity is never quality. This applies to so many more things in life than you can imagine. And no, I'm not referring to inanimate objects.

Always question if you really need an object. Remember, you can't take it with you when you go. So someone's gotta clean up all that crap.
It's here!

And it's AWESOME!!!

And yes, they featured Drift's animated form! Ekkkk!!!! And Cheetor and Sideswipe! Oh man, they look so awesome!

That's how cartoons are suppose to look! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a bit of 3D now and then, but comic styled cartoons are just the best thing in television for me! Gah! Another great canceled well before it's time! Thank you for existing, TFA staff!
Yup. Say hi if you want to, I'm friendly. I also am kinda hard to miss- you know, with a giant Undertaker scythe!


United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Women's Medium
Favourite genre of music: Jazz and Rock
Favourite photographer: -NA-
Favourite style of art: Comics and Realism
Operating System: Vista
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Wallpaper of choice: Wolves, Snow Leopards, Dragons~etc.~
Skin of choice: Blue Dragon or Snow Leopard Silver
Favourite cartoon character: I have many.
Personal Quote: Could be better, could be worse. Can't complain.

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